Past #0164

1.16am: Brain’s dead! Brain’s dead! Can’t do Java anymore… hmm.. Maybe.. let’s study a bit..

9.02am: Early in the morning, I woke up, and realised my comp is down.. AGAIN.. I’m cool. I’m very cool today. But I need my comp desperately. I still got tons of things that I need to do. Sigh. SHIT! *take a deep breathe*

10.34am: SOMEBODY kill me please… pretty pretty pretty please… Somebody kill me, somebody kill me, somebody KILL ME PLEASE…. sigh..

11.55am: Hmm… need to change some of my passwords. Felt so pissed off now. With everything. Especially my computer. Don’t know what am I suppose to do with it. Shit… This is so sian. Pissed with someone also. DOn’t feel like talking to him already. Somehow felt like I’m a bit cxxxxxd. Never mind. Don’t remind me.

1.14pm: I just had my lunch. Had ban mian. Ban mian… Ah Ban.. hm.. never mind. Anyway, I’m back to my work again. Think the generation of the sphere is out. Now trying on the Rastrigin function, whichever Rastrigin means. But in the end, generated an extremely ugly output.. like … how to describe.. *ponder* like.. imagine a slightly curve surface and a cylinder-look-a-like thing poking out. Hahaha… Don’t stray ah.. heehee.. =PP

3.27pm: YES YES!!! One DOWN! One DOWN! Correct liao!! Aiyah.. if only I can put the diagram… hmm.. maybe I should.. heehee..

3.52pm: RBF DONE!!! Now gonna do the error function. Suddenly want to find out, what would life be without computers… hmm.. *ponder* maybe can try for a week or so right? Oh yah.. during the exams period. Don’t use computer! Not bad not bad!

4.55pm: braaaaaiiinnn stuck.

5.51pm: The waiting process is always the most.. sian.. worst of all.. -.-

6.57pm: YES! Done with the RBF FINALLY! WAHAHAHAH… after 9 hours straight of staring into the computer. Damn! My computer still not fixed yet! Gonna go for dinner liao. So hungry. And tired. But never mind, later I got CHEESE CAKE!!!

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