Past #0165

9.07am: Its another day. Time passes so fast. I haven’t been sleeping well again. Probably because of the workload, stress out recently, especially this week. There’s so many things to do. Game project, neural project, econs articles, econs quiz.. all these coming at one go. Then after that still need to do report for each and every project. And not forgetting the cryptography project. Still haven’t do yet. *phew* What else.. it’s already the last 3rd week and I haven’t catch up with any of my studies! Gosh.. *faintz* I’m increasing my crazing for food, to destress => comfort eating. I can’t sleep well => panda. Conclusion: I’m going to be sent to the zoo SOON, a cute fat little panda. Wahahaha..

11.10am: Oh no.. part of my assessment just ended.. *phew* scary boyz… wah piang.. later 3.45pm got another one.. oh no, oh no… haven’t finished that yet. Gotta work on it now..

11.51am: Just had my lunch. So filling. Had teriyaki salmon *yum* *yum* Now very full. All the blood goes to the stomach, not much left for the brain. So gotta rest a while before attempting to look at the codes again. MLP – Multi Layer Perceptron. Its neural, just like how the brain functions.. where each information is being processed and defined. Wow! Why am I talking about neural?? Hahah.. never mind =PP

2.28pm: YOU BA-NA-NA… 1 hour and and 15 minutes more… shit.. still not done yet.

4.59pm: My brain is almost gone. Assessment over, but we couldn’t get any result. So… we’ll continue to try.. =( SO sad, and SIAN now. sigh..

6.12pm: (By Ben)”Had dinner. Had ice cream = yesterday’s one round” Hahaha… he’s applying it to me. =P Yah, yesterday went to jog one big round. But now.. felt so demoralise and stress out. It didn’t work. I need something to boost me up, to de-stress a bit.. ICE CREAM, it just came to my mind.. + ROTI PRATA. OOP! Did I say roti prata? uh-oh.. some more had two. wahahah… aiyah.. me too sian already.. Don’t even feel like talking. Yesterday saw one friend’s message: ‘One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: The word is LOVE.’ sigh.. that’s even more saddening =( I’m SO pessimistic now.. =( *sob*

7.03pm: i… give up..

8.22pm: *sob* I can finally cry.

11.36pm: My sis came to pick me up just now. Thank God I’ve got my sister. I love her. She brought me to buy cheese cake even though it’s so out of the way, knowing that I felt very stress out. Felt so touched. *smile* After eating the cheese cake, felt a lot better. And now I’m back home… really glad.. Must have a good sleep tonight, then tomorrow have to start doing projects and studying again. Nitez..

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