Past #0167

3.56am: Don’t think I’m crazy. Not sleeping yet… at this time of the day.. No lah.. I rushing my project. Game programming. Tomorrow demo. Want to make it look nicer ah. =) *yawn* Oh.. not tomorrow.. its today. Still got my econs quiz too! Early in the morning.. @@ <- this is how I look like now. 6.36pm: Brain can't think now. Just had my lunch. Game programming demo over just now *phew* Finally... now.. I'm going to sleep. Later then wake up to go jogging.. (if I ever woke up) 9.32pm: Finish jogging... later mummy coming. She bringing pandan cake and egg tarts!!1 So nice right? =D Me so fortunate...kekke... never mind.. thursday having dinner with auntie also. Then later can go home!! YEah!!! Later have to work on all my reports a bit. Not time liao!

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