Past #0168

7.03am: Woke up early to do my neural report. Found out that one of my friend already up. Can’t sleep. Is relationship really that difficult to handle? He’d been having some problems lately. They’ve been together for quite long, ever since I really knew both of them. She’s been going out with friends very often recently and he can’t get used to that. Hm.. time.. How would you divide your time? If it’s you, would you rather spend like more than half of your time with your friends than your partner? Don’t think I’ll be that. ‘Cos I’m the REAL sticky kind.. kekeke.. BEWARE.. wahahahha… hahahha.. OHAYOo!

9.46am: Printed a whole stack of notes.. and Ouch.. got paper cuts.. But like that lah. Me now in library. No lesson for now ‘cos it ENDED!!! No Neural from today onwards! Yeah! One subject down! But later gotta do neural report. Then skipping XiaoQin’s classes. That’s my econs lecturer. She SuX! Any words ending with ‘tion’, she pronounces as ‘sien’. *pengz* Her letter ‘L’ looks like ‘<'. Her handwriting SuX! Never mind.. But I'll study, make my time useful. Did I mention anything about my econs quiz yesterday? I think I did right? Bad lah.. Bad.. *shake head* 20 more days to go.. Shit.. still haven't really started studying. *faintz* 2.58pm: In my neural lab again, doing the report. Had spaghetti just now. Too watery, not very nice. But alright lah. Got what food is nice in NTU, except for the Jap food, which is slightly better. And HARLOW! I ate there for 4 years already lor! Of course sian lah! Yesterday night talked to JY, then told him I missed hug hug. Haha.. not from him lah. Just that, seriously speaking, too long never hug anyone already, except my soft toys and pillows, I don’t really missed it anymore. Don’t longed for it, or should I put it. Is this a good sign? I’m feeling that, I’m becoming more and more resistant to sharing my life, or had anyone come into my life again. Kinda bad in some way right? Don’t seem healthy to me. Really. But oh well… whatever. I’m happy and that’s what it matters right? Anyway, since I felt so ‘not hanging’ anymore now, I should be really glad. The sadness will pass. I’ll be alright. That’s what I kept telling myself. Just takes time. And I shall not rush myself. Takes time.

4.15pm: Alone now. Friend went for classes. Jen just messaged me and asked if I mind exchanging hp no. with one of her guy friend. Hm… *low* *blink* *pout* Sometimes I just wished I hadn’t knew him at all. He gave me too beautiful memories which I just can’t seem to let go…yet.. after so long. Sigh… Can’t let go of the past, that’s the most terrible ‘cos your life will be stagnant then. You are not moving on. BUT LIFE GOES ON! That’s the worst part. *psycho-self-time (chanting): don’t think, don’t think, don’t think, don’t think, don’t think, don’t think….* Alright… felt sleepy now.. *yawn*.. zzZZzz..

5.23pm: Very hungry now.. So weird.. I never had lunch sometimes, only drinks, I won’t feel hungry. Just now I had spaghetti and now I felt hungry.. hmm.. doesn’t really seem logical. Ah… a bit lazy to stay in school and study.

7.55pm: Not too bad to be alone.. No need reporting.. Back in hall. The pandan cake lies on the table… *tempted* .. It’s almost 8pm.. No food after that.. *sob*.. *tempted again* Eeeekk…. *open cover and eat* =PP “End of dieting plan” .. Whenever I don’t feel good.. I’ll eat.. I just had my dinner… Pandan cake… This is bad. What happen?

10.32pm: I’m so full.. shouldn’t have eaten that quarter pandan cake… Regretted it now =( … sigh.. how??

11.43pm: Chatting with this guy that my friend introduced. Not bad to have someone entertaining me. Hahaha..

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