Past #0169

12.15am: Finished bathing, now hair very wet. Went to watch American Pie: The Wedding just now. So funny. Nice show nice show. Who I watch it with? Hmm.. someone I knew only on the 14th. Hahaha.. Alright lah, my friend’s friend. Then talked to him through ICQ, can click bah. Very funny guy.

10.00am: The fears came.. and overpowered the feelings. Wow.. it’s overwhelming..

11.22pm: Had lunch with auntie at Kuali. Very happy. Bought a lot of things for my sister. Hope it helps. Hmm.. I can’t do much for him either. “Take me away from you. As far as possible. For everything reminds me of you. You’d came into and out of my life. Taken my heart and thrown it aside. Left me alone and stranded. Tidying up everything on my own. And now, my heart is shattered. Broken and shattered. I kept my door closed. It’s locked with the key thrown. There’s knocks on the door. Fear fell in. I’d no idea what’s outside. I dare not open it. I shall not open it.”

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