Past #0171

Had quite a lot of fun yesterday night, or.. should I say, this morning. not exactly fun, but something which I long time never been through – Hall Life, Supper. Heehee… Brought some snacks over for my sister, don’t know why, but felt very happy when I saw him. Probably it’s been quite a while since I last saw him ‘cos I’d been so busy recently. Just felt like hugging him, which I did. It’s like, he just came back from overseas. Anyway, we chit chat for a while before his friend (Kuang) brought beer over. Me long time never drank already, realise I can’t drink much. Only less than a cup and I felt a bit gross and a bit giddy. We went to buy supper from Boon Lay market after that. Was going to watch some VCD, but in the end, the notebook couldn’t play, so end up only me and sis stayed in the lounge to watch some stupid ‘Scariest Places on Earth’. Its so funny when you see those people shout over nothing. Hahaha.. Got so sleepy after that, but too lazy to walk back, so end up sleeping in my sis’s room. Very nice sleep, so long never sleep that nice liao. Heehee.. Some more, raining, so weather very nice. *yawn* But woke up a bit early ah. And now trying to finish up my cryptography project.. so can’t sleep =( Alright, gotta go and continue my project. Taz!

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