Past #0172

12.19am: Auntie Koh’s birthday today… Dunno why but I’m feeling kinda weird. I’m just afraid… It can’t be true right? sis..

12.06pm: Gives me the creep. Gives me the creep. *shiver* SHIT! hm.. Did I do something wrong again? O.o? Nah.. I’m only treating him like a friend, and nothing else. -.- Nope. Thats IS all. Stop asking. I said nothing means nothing. Just friend. STOP ASKING!!

2.22pm: Its really nice to have someone care for you. BUT… its still a BIG BUT. *thinking of…* *shake head* Never mind.. Just have to stop thinking…trying REAL hard not to. I did. I am still.

5.01pm: *confused* *blur* *devastated* phui phui phui *stoning luk*

8.16pm: Just came back room from a project discussion. Yes, its CREEP-tography project.. So sian.. But alright lah, Now doing with Debbs. She was playing this game.. gunbound? Heehee.. going to try now =PP

10.46pm: I’m so kuku. Sometimes. Never mind. Don’t wish to talk about it. That’s it. =( *sob*

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