Past #0173

1.01am: *stabbed knife into heart* ouch.. *put salt onto wound* ouch ouch.. That’s how I’m feeling now lor.. *sob* *sob* Why bother to tell me??? Why? WHy? WHY??? I don’t want to hear anything about the both of you. Spare me PLEASE!!!! PLEASEEEEEEE!!! Let me live my life alone.. *sob*

1.35am: Great! I think I just managed to scare a guy off.. haha.. what can I say? Felt good? NO!!! IT DON’T!!! I FELT LIKE SHIT NOW!!! I really do.. *sob*.. Hahahaha… I think I’m going nuts. *sniff* *sob* D’ling, Spare a thought for me. That’s all I asked for… J.O., I’m sorry. Not that I totally don’t trust relationship anymore. But.. there’s really still that someone in my heart and up till now, nobody can replace him yet. Although a lot of things had happen and he might be a but CMI, I still love him, till now. Can you understand that? Just… HEY GUYS OUT THERE! leave me alone.. especially if I don’t really know you for long..haha.. DON’T you EVER fall for me.. thank you. Your cooperation will be helpful.

1.57am: *picked up the calendar on my table* 31st November… Soon.. Going to be a year. Celebrate anniversary? *ponder* I might just do that. Hahaha… Cycle repeats.. huh? Don’t they? Life suz lotz sometimes. This year suz. The whole year suz. Its like maciam I’m back to square one .. crapz..

10.09pm: Never Ever let me feel moody.. I’ll spend money.. or EAT. Went swimming this morning with my cousin. First time wear my bikini. Heehee.. A bit gross ah. Sigh… Went to buy a pair of heels also. And another bikini. =P See… don’t let me feel down!

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