Past #0174

1.08am: Attended my friend’s sister’s wedding.. heehee.. Tho’ I don’t really know her sister. But anyway.. envy? Yah.. kind of but at the same time.. NAH… leave me alone.. I mean, the guys… Can’t trust them.. eeeuukk..

9.07am: I’m amazingly still so tired. Think I’m going to become a pig soon. Hahahah =PP Later gotta go buy Sarah’s present. Buffet Lunch.. Sigh.. No need to go on diet anymore. Never mind lah, once in a while. Furthermore.. Panda or Piggy needs to be round to look cute and huggable right? Heehee.. One year anniversary coming, need some new resolution. Hmm.. *ponder* Change my looks? Cut my hair again? Or dye it? Aiyah.. dunno leh… Headache.. MC asked me changed to Ah Lian’s looks… Eeek… I don’t look like one ah.. Cannot make it. Sigh… *yawn* So hot..

8.39pm: Three days without touching any books or notes or related. Ask me HOW am I suppose to prepare for my exams? Hmm.. I’ve got no idea. Hahahah.. yah yah yah, I know its bad.. But then.. I have to attend all these events. Sigh… Just one more day, tomorrow. Then I’ll go back to hall and study okie? Yah.. I will.. and I won’t slack anymore.

11.06pm: Just finished watching ‘The Survivor’. Trying to finish my part on the Creeptography. And waiting for.. 12am to reach. It’s JY’s birthday. Hmm… wish him lah, no matter what, he’s still someone I quite care about. *sniff* weird.. got a very weird smell in my room now. Don’t smell like burnt stuff leh but.. hmm.. Never mind lah, as long as its not poisonous gas right? If it is… *gasping for air* *choke* *choke* *choke* *cough* … *di………..*

11.50pm: HEY! I’m STILL ALIVE!!! HAHAHAHA… 10 minutes more… *yawn* .. I hope I don’t fall asleep within this 10 minutes.. *yawn* *sniff* … *silent…* … zz.. zz.. zz..

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