Past #0176

2.23am: Drank a bottle of sake… hahaha.. blur now.. a bit.. cried a lot just now.. With Nana… Why? I’m sad.. sad.. sad.. depressing… hahahha… Spare me… Why?… I dunno…I cried.. hahahahahha… hahhaha… I miss him.. wahhahaha…. I’m going nuts…

8.46am: *Open up the brain, dig and dig.. throw a chunk of shit away* … wah piang.. why early morning let me listen to this song: “Can’t get you outta my head” *pengz* hahah… hmm.. Okie lah, will throw away everything. I need to focus on my exams already. Can’t treat him normally now, but I’ll really try. *wink* STEADY BOM BI BI!

10.28am: Wah piang, scare the hell out of me. Was listening to music, then I go clean up my disk, then suddenly window shut down, say got error. Then I tried rebooting a few times but cannot… wah piang.. this is really scary. Early morning some more. Can get heart attack ah.. *sweat*

2.57pm: Went to measure the fats in my body just now. 156cm, 45.6kg!!! Gosh… fats 24%.. at the border.. *faintz* Have to cut down ah.. fat liao ah.. Else if get older then cannot cut.. Then me and friend, Debb, now going to train up for the 10km Sheares Bridge run next year. Heehee.. Might as well shun bian right? Give me one month.. I’ll cut down the stupid fats. Got so drench just now. Hope I don’t catch a cold. No time for that.

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