sleepless night

life’s been good at the end of the day yesterday. busy for the whole day but i thought… wow, not too bad, i’m changing my current temp job to another! suddenly so many things i need to do or decide….i woke up at 6am just now. couldn’t sleep. yesterday slept around 1 plus. couldn’t sleep. […]

freezing cold…

alone in the office … then suddenly.. *ring ring ring* the phone rang…… i picked up the phone and said “Hello”… but all i heard is… ———— then another phone rang.. then another. then another… *paled* (i ain’t joking. this was really what happened early in the morning around 9am when i was alone in […]

miserable day

today is damn miserable.. or maybe its not.. nah.. i think i’m just having p(re)ms… urgh damn.. i dun feel good… suddenly found my life SOOOOOOOOOOOO aimless. *daze* and there’s nothing to eat… *sulk* sigh… what’s the cause of it? i know! i hate to look for jobs.. why is it so difficult to look […]