slightly more than half a year already…


forgotten that i kept a blog here. the last post – 06 august 2004..
*mr lonely playing the song in the background…*

now – 28 april 2005
a lot of things changed..

let’s put it in order, the major events…

(1) i went bintan with my bf (tao tao) and siyan n her beau to bintan on 07 august, over the weekend for national day. enjoyed myself. finally got to wear bikini openly *yeah!* pinkish and red one!!! stayed there for a few days then came back, slightly tanned. with lotsa photos.

(2) changed job and work in DBS for 2 week. learned a few things. seen how people argued and talked Xtremely sarcastically over work. hahaha. who i referring to.. hm.. a big fat ang moh (i’m not racist) lady and my also-quite-fat boss. =P

(3) went for the test for computer programmer for the capcom thingy. went for the briefing and interview after that. got selected to go japan for training. argued a lot with tao tao. turned down the offer after considerations. wasted?? hm… not really… if you continue to read the rest…

(4) philips (toa payoh) offered me a job just as i turned down the offer from capcom. so i took it. and worked as a test engineer (for lcd tv) ever since 20 september 2004. starting was fun, ‘cos i get to watch tv everyday, else listen to radio. but then things get so boring and dull… after half a year… and so i *poof* met a lot of fun people there – chua (big size guy), powerpuff ger (can’t do much w/o him), tai (the talk cock guy), ben yong (the a bit ger ger guy), remus (the fair gentleman), anand (the smart one) etc. and of course my project leader – kok fah (skinny skinny nice fellow), bee lan (always bite her finger nails), teck khoon (likes to giggle a lot), asif (doesn’t talk much). and there’s my team leader – LSL (a.k.a. Sim Lim Sq). hahahaha… and one pretty ger which i took notice of – yean yin!! (i got her phone no.!! hahahah). but still, i *poof*

(5) finally started talkin to ron. hmm… wonder how long since we really talked. but oh well, all is well, thats the good part. but i still haven’t managed to meet up with him yet, which probably.. now… it doesn’t really matter much anymore.

(6) my primary school friend, junhao, got married, and i finally get to see wang wen again, after so many years. and heard from her that, her secondary school ex is still trying to patch back!! *wt…* wonder when is my turn.. *ponder*

(7) another friend, siyan and weilun, going to get ROM. got a house in bukit panjang. found it a bit too fast but oh well, as long as they both are happy, so why not? *wink*.. hm… wonder when is my turn.. *ponder again*

(8) clarise, argued with boss and quitted her job (finally). apparently boss had some things going on with another gal, and then.. hm.. things just got heated up. and so clarise, (angry & tired) left DC & Associates.. BUT sigh… she went back to help him out again when he went for his reservist. Reason: she needs the money anyway and he needs help. and its been 2 months… she’s still helping… i just hope she knows what she’s doing. anyway, its her life, as long as she’s happy, there’s nothing much that i can do. extra info: VC left the co too, well, comments? GOOD FOR HER!

(9) my beloved goddad passed away on 12 march 2005. sad. sad. sad. and very sad. no words can really describe how i felt. even though its already 49 days (today after 12am), somehow, still can’t really accept the fact. just kept myself moving and working. kept myself occupied with things (shhh…). don’t really know if thats me. found the whole thing a bit unreal. there’s still so many things that i wanted to do with him. going australia after my cuz graduate. help him arrange his vcds. *sob* its sad.. its just sad. he passed away on the day where i stopped working for DC, when i decided not to hitch a ride to work at DC on that saturday… someone please gimme the strength to carry on what i’m doing…..

(10) simon’s mum passed away last sunday, 24 april 2005. died from cancer. saw simon that day, he looked sad. heard simon on the phone yesterday, he kept crying. i wanted to help, yet i can’t. why? i also dunno… its just me, i guess.. no.. its just reality. i just hope that he’s going to be ok…

and.. ya.. that’s about all..
and.. let’s talk about something happy.
today is my sister’s 29th birthday!!! *whistle!!*

*heaven – the song in the background…*

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