05 05 05

today is 050505 = 5th may 2005 and its my tao tao’s birdday!!!
and i’m so tired. kekeke.. but its alright ‘cos its definitely worth it to wake up early in the mornin and go to his house to pass him his present and see his surprise and happy look!

bought him a swatch watch. whats that called.. irony watch? O.o? hahahaha
forgotten lah, anyway, its those chain ones. he never bother to wear any watch so bought him one, so that he can wear it if he go for any interviews. looks more presentable. heehee..

then sent him a birdday card yesterday, with 25 bright post-it tab with all the kisses on it. hmm.. suddenly felt that actually i’m quite creative huh? :p waahhahahaha and thick-skin too!!!

wahahahha.. WHO CARES!! *blahhhhhhh*

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