all my friends are 猪朋狗友

ya.. i’m pissed… of course i am
not that i like to protest and fight back when i heard something that i dun like
and NOT that i really have a lot of things that i dun like to hear
but HELLO!!!! can you just be a bit less negative??

to say something like “must be all ya 猪朋狗友 lah”
ha… what does that mean?
its a BIT mean lor!!
have i ever said this kinda this to you?
all is it that my friends are really like my 猪朋狗友?
are they really that bad?

“don’t wait till something happened then you regret”
oh great! all my friends are going to 陷害 me!
come come! rescue me! and let me cut off from all my friends!


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