its funny how you sometimes woke up one day feeling so refreshed and motivated. well.. this is one of the days that i woke up feeling like that. i must admit, it felt good, DAMN good, for its been quite a while since i last had so much energy to do the things that i want to.

yup, this will be the start of the day. first of june 2005, i’ll start again.
no overspending, no slacking.
clear everything i wanted to.
first thing in my list – cross stitch. hahaha. oh yea, its still not completed =P the christmas present. kekeke. better late then never right? hm.. was thinking of making it to sell.. O.o *snicker* well.. just a thought, i thought of baking cakes toO! kekeke
and whats next – at work.. gonna try and learn ASP.NET whenever i got the time. read till chapter 4. ganbatte!
and i’m gonna concentrate on my work, and finished asap so that i got a lot of free time to study that. yesh!

tomorrow.. at work, i gotta edit the %edit and %log for both admin and manager site. remember to backup yea!
thats all for today!
today is a bright and cold day and i’m feeling waaaaaaaay damn GOOD!

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