blurrrrrrr me

i think i’m getting more and MORE BLUR..

why do i say that… hm.. *ponder*
i board the bus 74 at dear’s place yesterday and all i could remember is he telling me “sit near the door ok?” and then when i boarded the bus, i just headed straight to the seat. found anything missing? kekekek. wahhahaahha

well well.. that was embarass ‘cos after that the bus uncle kept saying “hello, hello, miss” *blushed*

anyway… me really getting forgetful. can actually forgot what’s my dear’s address when filling up the application for Radio Card. hm…

and can actually forgotten that one of my friend is older than me.

gosh… what’s happening to me???

anyway.. rotted for the last 2 days.. 3 in fact (including the sick friday)
today, i’m back to ASP!
felt kinda sleepy when i kept reading but.. hm.. don’t feel like doing hands-on yet.
today they (other pple) very busy shifting the live servers and i’m…
well… pretty free to read

good for me! keep it up!
and i’m still finding alternatives to earn a bit slightly more money
cross stitch…

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