tired of life

i’m tired of life. i love my life. but i’m tired of it. i’m tired of needing to care so much.
just some words from a friend, and then.. somehow, the second half of my day is gone. wonder if its really my fault to say that. “i’m not going cos i sick. but if jason going, then let me know, i’ll go.” just a sentence similar to that and if that could make someone pissed off. so be it. i don’t care anymore. i’m sick and tired of caring so much for the people around me. i’m sick and tired of talking to anyone anyway. i’m sick and tired of talking to people with pms. can i just stick with my family and thats it?
family = my relatives + my dear & family

“how can i be compared to that?”

well… he is my dear, who is always there for me. how can he not be compared to you if i really want to? *puzzled*

guys… what the heck!

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