unexpected sudden change of events

i only lost touch with the dc people for a while and alas! i’ve got so much NEW juicy NEWS!

(1) clarise ger is still working there (expected, not sure of the extended story yet ‘cos apparently she got quite a bit of long story to tell.

(2) daphne is back in dc as an AGENT! woho~ congrats!!!

(3) ao quitted. not sure why. will try to get some news out from clarise the next time i meet her.

(4) jc quitted. by right should be terminated. guess here also got story which again, i’ll hear it from clarise.

and the MOST unexpected thing….

(5) audrey is PREGNANT!!! and with shawn’s baby!!!! shawn… you know who right??? one of the agent! gosh! that was really unexpected ‘cos i thought they only friend friend with each other. but according to my ger, apparently audrey broke off and got attached with shawn in feb (Lord knows how that happened also, both incident), and then tada!!! woho~ congrats too!!

well… i’m being a bit KPO here. but.. hahaha.. oh well.. isn’t life about all these??? 😛

hope to see clarise soon!!
and maybe the upcoming baby… yinping’s!! *wink*

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