quadruplets? *shock*

i had another dream last night. not sure why also. but anyway, i dreamt of me n tao tao, then i’m pregnant, and then suddenly the babies are out. BABIES, yes.. BABIES.. not one, not two, not three BUT FOUR!!! four little boys… hmm. then i still can remember carrying them.. which.. i think each carried two, then go my parents’ house and they were so shocked when they saw it. so after that, was busy always carrying them ‘cos sometimes they were crying. i can even see their face. the eldest one is the smartest, really handsome, the eyes like me, and the nose like tao tao. then the youngest one is the cute cute one. then i can even feel it when i was carrying them. just that it felt a bit weird, ‘cos it seems a bit too soft and light. hahahaha (i think i was hugging my bear bear while i was dreaming of that). anyway.. the last thing i can remembered is… i went nuts. wahahahhahahha

~the end~

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