Ms Boring

gosh.. this is killing me.. *strangle myself*
i guess i rather be busy than bored… *strangle myself some more*
darn.. i really got nothin much to do after clearing those works.
i tried to clear some of the codes.. but there isn’t much to clear anyway
wanted to install 3ds max, but it needs win xp *phui*
checked the forum, and there isn’t much to see
gotten flat. confirmed project will be carried out.
designed. more or less. the rest gotta wait till…. *can’t see the starting point yet*
what else? wedding? wahahahha. i’ll wait till my boy boy propose to me first.
wahahahahah *evil grinone BIG carrot!*
what’s next.. i think thats about all right?
my salary? $$$$$ not sure how it will be. never heard anything YET *sulk*
bintan trip!! latest! but gotta ask boy boy first! *happy happy*
missed the greeneries and the beach!
then i need to start training and slim down my tummy liao! awahahahahha *whistled*
last but not least… 40 more minutes…
heeheehee.. to going off work…
and to meet my boy boy for steamboat buffet! woho~

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