shock + funny + fortunate

just got a call from “Home” just now. thought my mum wanted to tell me about change of plans tonight or what ‘cos she will be going out for dinner tonight. who knows, when i picked up the phone, its my dear on the other side of the phone. hahahaha. was kinda shock that i heard his voice. ‘cos i just sms him to ask where he is, since so late liao he still haven’t reach home. ah… now i know where he is. kekekek

well, its kinda funny lah, that he will buy food for my mum and bring to my house. its not the first time already. or at least… its funny ‘cos none of my previous bf had done it before when i’m not at home. at most together with me. its kinda sweet actually. no wonder my mum likes him so much. he’s cute lah. kekekeke and he really can take good care of elders, so much better than me.

guess i’m really fortunate to find a guy like him. tho’ his temper might be a bit short, plus a bit possessive and gets jealous quite easily, and probably just a bit more sarcastic than most people. but oh well.. i can overlook all these =D for that childlike character, tenderness and care and of course the love that he gave me *wink*

heehee.. i’m not perfect either anyway. wahahahahhaha =P *blehhhhhh*

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