END of JUNE 2005

29th of June.
how time past, pass, passes.. passed.. ya?
hm.. i’m quite bored now. finished all my things. sally and a few others in a meeting. me? hm… staring at the PC, don’t feel like doing anything. nothing much to do or surf anyway.

woke up today, had wanted to go to the gym. i DID wake up, at 6.15am. went to brush my teeth and washed my face. went into the room to wake my sis up (who offered to send me to the gym the night before), but she replied “dad sending you there, me not going early.”

1. first thing that got me decided not to go gym – my sis is still sleeping. *envY*

went into my own room, sat on the bed and *yawn*. nice weather. nice to sleep.

2. second thing that got me decided not to go gym – nice weather. good to sleep.

3. final thing that got me decided not to go gym – i shldn’t bother my dad and let him send me there right? hahah

thats it. i called my dear and told him i’m very tired and he asked me to go and sleep. yeah! approval from my dear! =P

that’s my morning of today. heeheehee…
hm.. and just realised i can insert pictures inside.. but me ain’t got much pics in the office. so.. let’s just test test my beloved sister’s photo! heeheehee

nice? thats a picture of my sis taken in australia.. somewhere.. last yr? if i rem correctly. hm.. ain’t too bad huh. she went to aust to find my cousin. sigh.. me also want to go… *sob*

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