20$ vs friendship

yeah! great! another day spoiled or at least the whole morning gone just by trying to be helpful. ya right.. whats the POINT RIGHT????!!!! i’m just plain dumb trying to be helpful. ya ya ya. the forever so nice, so good tm. *giggled* what a joke! THATS IT! i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REAAAAALLLLLLLY HAD […]

my cute daddy

went marina square today with my family. me & tao took my sister’s car. and my godma & mum took my dad’s car. we were suppose to meet at marina square but then when me & my sis reached and called my dad. apparently, he didn’t park his car at marina square. so i asked […]

How people kill a Cow

was eating my ‘ba cho mee’ just now… and then *ponder* something sharp poke the inside of my mouth. i spitted it out.. and a silvery piece of wire dropped out. those metallic-liked kinda thing that you used to wash your wok… =.=”’ well.. that started the topic for today – by yeefan. how they […]


par·a·noi·a (pr-noi)n. A psychotic disorder characterized by systematized delusions, especially of persecution or grandeur, in the absence of other personality disorders. Extreme, irrational distrust of others. am i suffering from that? its been a while since i’ve had that feeling… the feeling of insecurity. the feeling of tearing everything apart. the fear of losing someone […]


i’m back from lunch! went ikea with my dear for lunch. got 2 ikea vouchers for linda – my secondary school friend’s housewarming tomorrow. ate poached salmon (yes again) and it still tasted so nice. came back and realised that cc said yee also want to share. well… decided to go get robinsons voucher tomorrow […]


the NKF CEO and the board of directors are going to resign from their post after what they did. what did they do? bonus of 10-12 months??!! i’m not envy nor jealous, i’m just looking at the view from a person who donates money to NKF monthly.. NKF.. a charitable organisation, is not funded by […]

still aching BACK

i went changi chalet over the weekend. a rather good getaway though there isn’t much things to do there. got bitten by quite a few mozzies.. and now… whole back is so itchy.. and aching. ya, my back is still aching. not sure why also. probably ‘cos i gotta squeeze with my dear on a […]