ending sunday…

how sad it is.. to know that sunday is ending soon. so fast huh? the weekend. tomorrow is monday and gotta go and work. not that i dreaded my work. i just prefer to stay at home more =P kekeke, oh well, what can i say, at least i like my job, right? =)

hm.. starting to plan a lot of things, and trying to be really organize. and NOT forgetful. but oops! i forgot to take Good Luck. wahahhaha. not deliberately. i really forgotten. i noted it down in my ppc liao, but still… sigh.. guess i’m really getting old. (and some stupid people smoking above my room. *stood up and close the window*)

scan throught my friends and found that quite a few gotten married, else going to.. daniel (uni friend), think gotten married, church one i guess. mark (colleague for a while in dc assoc) also gotten married. linda (sec sch) rom-ed, having her customary wedding in nov. kal (dunno wat to consider her as) rom-ed too and wedding in dec this year. siyan (jc friend) rom-ed and.. chinese wedding.. think jan next yr. jeffrey (uni friend) just proposed. koonsoon (sec senior) proposed and preparing for his wedding. sooheng and kenneth (both jc friends) gotten their flats and both preparing for wedding too. who else… i think gina (my sec sch friend) also gotten her flat and getting rom end of the yr in dec. whats more… hm.. guess thats about all right? isn’t that a lot? me? hahahah nah.. not that fast .. yet.. kekekek

went through the MPC that day. ain’t too bad. quite fun. at least let us know where the problem lies and understand where we are having problems. of course, the course itself doesn’t teach you how to solve the problem, but it at least lets you have an idea where the problem is and some options of what you should go about doing it. and of course lets you understand more of the other party and their feelings. its quite good. should go if you are planning to get married.

now.. i need to save money. lotsa money. looking at my salary now.. seriously, it ain’t enough for my plan. but what can i do.. hm…don’t spend that much lor. kekekek.

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