quite a BLUE monday

i think i’m having pms lah.. and thats why i’m feeling a bit blue. today is the 4th of july, its pete’s and mongchin’s bday. monday.. hm.. sally n ken not here today. left me alone. i got work to do, ya i know, i’ll do it later.

felt so tensed up lately. not sure why also. felt tired. my pimples are coming back again. sigh… i didn’t do much changes to my life lately other than trying to be a bit organized. maybe the ‘sticking’ to the schedule and all the planning subconsciously stressed me up. hahahahah. well.. what to do… its still better to be a bit organized right? hm… i’ve got things planned up till august. all i need to do now is just STICK to it. ha.

whats my schedule? this weekend chalet with my family. weekdays, probably will try to finish my cross stitch, or at least do as much as i can. ya ya ya, i know its not finished yet but I’M tRYING!!! =P and i couldn’t find the thread that i want! marlitt 1077 gold.. hm… wonder how come i couldn’t find it. not even in spotlight nor amk shop. if i can’t find that, then i’ll use other colours liao… and.. i need to get the beads. maybe i should have a MORE detailed plan ya? *pondering*

felt so dehydrated…. arh…..
i’m whining… arh….

save $$$. save $$$. save $$$
i’m really trying not to spend!!! =(
i think i break down quite easily huh? no i can’t breakdown, i need to take charge of my own emotions! hahahah. woho~ hey! the MPC ain’t that bad ok!

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