different Love Languages

went for the MPC – Marriage Preparation Course for the last 2 saturdays, remembered? and they touched on this Love Languages topic which.. now suddenly i find that its really useful. ‘cos my friend – francis, is having a difference here with his gf.

anyway, there’s 5 major categories altogether:
(1) Words of Affirmation
(2) Quality Time
(3) Act of Receiving
(4) Act of Service
(5) Physical Touch

Everyone places different priorities to their own languages. Eg. i would place more priority at (5). Which means i would show that i love a person through physical touch (hugging, kissing etc) and probably expect that the other party would show that he loves me through that. i.e. importance is placed there. Whereas my bf would probably place more priorities on (1). When this happens, there’s a difference in love languages and this is where conflicts and misunderstandings might occur. probably some hurt might be caused. so what are couples supposed to do?

– To know that everyone have different love languages and that ya partner’s love language is probably different from yours.
– To accept what ya partner’s love language is, and probably try to compromise with each other, so that the difference won’t be that great.

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