rudest kid ever

i was on the train on my way back home, where i saw the rudest kid EVER in my whole life (for 25 yrs). ya know what the kid did? here’s what happened from the moment he stepped into the train:

he sat on the seat beside me, i was on the phone then. then he started touching me and gimme a big smile. i just turned around and smiled at him. he did that about 5 times before the mum (who was standing in front of him) asked him to stop it.

then after that, he started singing… or.. maybe it wouldn’t be really considered singing, ‘cos his voice was damn loud. and its damn awful. anyway, that was just the beginning… his mum ignored him then, and let him continued to ‘sing’ for like.. at least 10 minutes before he got sick of ‘singing’ and started asking his mum where HOUGANG is (on the map), and thats when the nightmare begins…

he wasn’t talking, he was practically shouting “ma, where is hougang?” for like 20 over times. and the mum didn’t wanna replied him ‘cos she said he is not talking properly. unless he asked properly then she replied. so the kid don’t care about what the mum said and continued shouting “where is hougang?” after like 5 times, he shouted “you don’t tell me, i kick you”. which he did.. and that lasted for a while and at this point, you can see the mum was really damn pissed, but still, she totally ignored him. then now, the POWER thing came..

that little boy, angrily shouted “i count to ten ah! and you better reply me, else you better be careful!” and yes, he did start to count.. from 1.. to 10.. and by TEN, when the mum still ignored him, that little boy stood up, and pushed the mum away and shouted “ok! you stay away from me!”

so the mum did that, threw his bag at him, and walk to the door..

at this time.. the boy was still shouting, even when the mum is like.. 2 metres away, asking her to answer him. well well.. by now, the next stop is hougang liao, so…me finding it a bit irritated and amused at the same time, told the little boy that hougang is the next stop and i went to the door.

the little boy then went to the door and started pulling his mum and asked her to go sit down, which of course the mum didn’t even move an inch. when the train reached the station, the mum just pulled the boy out.. and he started crying and yelling.. i would say.. till the WHOLE MRT STATION heard it and almost everyone just turn around to see what happened. thats how LOUD his voice is…

oh well.. i don’t know what happened to him next. so.. let’s just pray you don’t have such a kid in the future.
if its my kid… wait till he gets home, he’ll get it *evil grin*

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