still aching BACK

i went changi chalet over the weekend. a rather good getaway though there isn’t much things to do there. got bitten by quite a few mozzies.. and now… whole back is so itchy.. and aching. ya, my back is still aching. not sure why also. probably ‘cos i gotta squeeze with my dear on a normal single size bed. hahahahha.. =P

anyway, think now i getting kinda sick. felt a bit feverish and giddy.. and of course i’m at work now. can’t possibly take too much leave right? friday already took one sudden one, this coming wednesday will be taking one also.

over the weekend.. hm… while my hp died on me at the chalet..
i received news that derrick is attached!!!! (shhh….) wow! finally ne! too bad i missed it! sigh…
he brought her to siyan’s housewarming leh!
argh… dunno when i’ll get to see her again.. hm…

then what else.. clarise told me that boss kena pranked. got someone post a message on yahoo message board saying some… not sure what is it, but got put boss’s name on it + the hp no. and now the boss wants to find out who is it and do some legal action. i think whoever post that message must be someone damn boliao. wake up lah! how old liao still play this kinda boliao things.

sigh.. today is monday.. i felt like exercising, but kept having headaches. think a lot of people not going to be online today. ‘cos today is boon’s, brong’s and cc’s convocation. tml is jy’s. then wed is dear’s. sigh.. never mind! wednesday i’ll be on leave! woho!

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