i want to complaiN!!!!

yesterday went to dear’s convo. was actually looking forward to it till i saw this name on the book – Ong Bee Tin.

of course i remembered the name and i still remembered that stupid look on her face! that ya ya papaya look! still remember about a year ago when i just started with tao. it was early in the morning and i was sleeping on tao’s bed, then the doorbell rang, then suddenly his maid came & knocked on his door. then he went out (for quite a while), came back and told me his friend came to discuss something about a project. wow! so close huh! can just come & go into his house like that. at that point i never asked much.. but after some thoughts, i really felt like he’s not telling me the truth but never mind, i wasn’t really bothered then.

so actually tao was always doing projects with her, and apparently yes… they did have something going on before i pop up.. and quite a messy one but that one doesn’t matter. i kept telling tao that you still can be friends with her till.. that day…

i went to nus to look for tao, then we got onto the bus. at the next stop, that girl came onto the bus also. i’m still ok at this point till she look at tao and suddenly give him the ‘hmpf’ look! *PHUI!!!!!* i’m so totally disgusted and annoyed that day! i mean, what is she trying to do lor! giving him that kinda look! *PHUI!!!!* its not as if she’s very pretty and got bf liao still go and stick to someone else and messed up that person’s life! *PHUI!!!* *disgusted* *disgusted* *disgusted* *disgusted* *disgusted* *disgusted*

thats it… i saw her yesterday.. still that disgusted look. and she even took a photograph with tao. *PHUI! PHUI! PHUI!* don’t let me see that photograph! or i’ll print it out and put it on a dart board and use the darts and throw at her! *PHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUIIIIII!!!*

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