i’m back from lunch!

went ikea with my dear for lunch. got 2 ikea vouchers for linda – my secondary school friend’s housewarming tomorrow. ate poached salmon (yes again) and it still tasted so nice. came back and realised that cc said yee also want to share. well… decided to go get robinsons voucher tomorrow and just throw everything together and give to linda! =D

oh ya.. tomorrow, going for my facial. felt my face so not flat. got oil here and there, pimples here and there. anyway, its gonna be free! *giggled* tao’s mum’s signed up for a course and there’s some free ones so she let me used that. kekeke, she’s nice ya know, just a bit lorso thats all. anyway, which auntie isn’t lorso? i’ll probably become lorso in the future too! or maybe i ALREADY am now! wahahahhaha.

mum said need to go temple tomorrow ‘cos i’m supposed to go after i got my job, which is like about a year ago… hm… oh well, probably after my facial tomorrow bah *wink*

just calculate (AGAIN), my money… really sad… never saved anything at all and just pay bills and loans and bills and loans… and its not even half paid! ya.. i look at my salary.. its really PEANUTS! hahaha, mrs Goh really shouldn’t say that kinda words ah. guessed mr Goh asked her to step down in order not to make anymore remarks that might stir up.. hm… who knows.. something… but its true, my salary is really peanuts! someone should really do something! i don’t understand why i always don’t seem to have enough money! got so many things to pay.. sigh.. sad ah.. sad ah… how!!!!!

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