the NKF CEO and the board of directors are going to resign from their post after what they did. what did they do? bonus of 10-12 months??!! i’m not envy nor jealous, i’m just looking at the view from a person who donates money to NKF monthly.. NKF.. a charitable organisation, is not funded by the government, at least i don’t think so. so where does the bonus of 10-12 months came from?? US – the people who donates the money. HEY!!! i didn’t donate to give you the bonus lor, and did we, the public who donated those money, agreed that we give you that amount of bonus which can be used to save lives???!! well.. at least this thing is more or less over. ask me to donate to NKF again? nah… not for a long while. i rather donate it to other organisations. anyway, i cancelled my monthly contribution.

OBT – i’m still a bit pissed. i’m a bit slightly off balanced now, i know that, i’m trying to control but its difficult you know. i don’t like her and i just don’t like her. looking at her again just reminded me of her irritating face. and somewhat.. i don’t feel good. the securities i have seems to have lost part of it, probably left half, and that left me feeling rather uneasy…

the layout of the furnitures in the office is gonna changed over the weekend. i DO hope my seats would be a better one this time, and not with my back totally EMPTY. felt like i’m always being ‘watched’. well.. lets see what happens on monday.

monday… cuz dw going back to aust. sigh… won’t be another 4 months before i see her again. meanwhile, will help keep a lookout for the condo thats gonna be build near my future flat =D

what else.. hm… can’t remember.. later then continue. me go and shit first. wahahahhah =P

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