20$ vs friendship

yeah! great! another day spoiled or at least the whole morning gone just by trying to be helpful. ya right.. whats the POINT RIGHT????!!!! i’m just plain dumb trying to be helpful. ya ya ya. the forever so nice, so good tm. *giggled* what a joke! THATS IT! i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REAAAAALLLLLLLY HAD ENOUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i’m so damn pissed off!!!

a week ago, a friend asked me to help and get a present for another friend’s house-warming. fine, why not, i thought since i’m going anyway. then she told me another two friends want to share the presents too. and she said she’ll help me get the money from them. reluctant at first but after that i’m ok with it. thats the problem you see… i expected that probably i wouldn’t be able to get the money back but i’m still ok with it. anyway.. i got the money from 2 friends, left only one. which i told my the other friend my account no. so that she can tell her. and NOT that i don’t wished to contact her myself, but just that at times when i sms her, she just NEVER reply and so i didn’t know if i got the correct number.

and so never mind, one week passed and i never msg anyone or anything till today, which i was doing a rough checked on my cashflow and i was wondering if she (my that friend) transferred the money to my bank yet. so i checked and she hadn’t. and so i sms my friend, who said she will help me to get the money, telling her if she got the time, let that friend know. and then i got the replied “why not you sms her yourself? i feel its easier that way”. ok fine, i wouldn’t mind sms that friend on my own if i got her number right, so i double check with that friend and sms-ed her. which after that i got the replied “are you really that hardup for 20 bucks. do you have to ask xxx to remind me everyday? whats your acct type? savings or current?”

HA! great! and whats next “i tot we are friends and that 20 bucks doesn’t matter. i’ll transfer to you by lunch.”

(1) if you really treated me as friends, you wouldn’t say the things you said in THAT way. hardup? ya right..
(2) its not the money that matters. its a matter of principles.
(3) i wouldn’t have sms her if i weren’t doing my accounts near the end month.

half an hour later….

ok.. thats it.. i’m tired of arguing… just replied her to tell her to just cool if off.. no point arguing over this small things.. after all.. we are still friends, but probably from now on, i REALLY have to watch out for what i’m doing. ha.

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