today is a sunday

28 august… simon a.k.a. qian qian, my buddy’s birthday today. a year ago, we all attended haslinda’s wedding at eunos. 2 years ago, .. i forgotten what happened. but i know i’m happy. now… i’m still happy, but yet its a different kind of happy + a bit of sadness… or probably.. tiredness.

i just had my dinner at Bliss at punggol park with my whole family, yitao, godma, andrew’s & pi’s family. was nice. really nice to have this such gatherings. drank a bit of liquor, talk cock, played with little tyra. i like this kind of life. never enjoyed it better. the warmth and joy that a family would bring. then just now, at the end of it, was at the car park when little tyra pointed out at ‘nothing’ and ‘EH’ twice. there really was nothing. just ain’t sure why she EH till as if she saw something or someone she knows. just felt that probably its my goddad. ya.. might think i’m a bit foolish but… still miss him lots.

came home. talked to a friend. realised that i really drifted away from my friends. a part of me wanted it that way and am glad, ‘cos i’m spending more time with my family n bf. yet another part of me felt sad… i miss my friends… but yet i can’t be like who i used to be. i’m just sick and tired. i really felt tired… really really tired… so tired i just want to stick to my family, and probably, married and settle down and start a family of my own. at least i don’t feel pressurize among them. i know they’ll definitely love me. i don’t need to really care about my language or sentences that i made. i can be myself. who are the people that really truly knows me? not most of my friends. only a few, close ones…but maybe thats all what i need..

me, tao and sis wanted to go ktv this afternoon. called and wanted to make a reservation and realised its fully booked. went jln kayu for roti prata for lunch and went to play billiard and bowling at seletar country club. then called the quality hotel to book for dinner and realised its all fully booked too… sigh… might be a boliao day, but.. its simple and nice. really nice.

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