bose edge pereira barbino filho

ya know whats “bose edge pereira barbino filho”? well.. thats the name of my brazilian colleague – Edge, thats what we all called him. but only till today, then i know his full loooong name.. a very funny guy with a weird interest in asian culture (and probably asian ladies too). kekeke..
well.. anyway, according to him, the name of brazilians are made up in the following way:
dad’s name + kid’s name + mum’s name + “filho” if you are eldest.
so, he said, his friends all called him “Edginho”

wow.. cool and interesting isn’t it?

anyway, me office came 3 new colleagues – Daren, Augustine and WoonHan. And there’ll be more coming. Company expanding now. And there’s a weird smell (smelly feet smell) ever since morning. *puke* i need fresh air…

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