what have i done? or not done? i really dunno… what’s the problem? why aren’t we communicating? why is it that you always can’t seem to grasp what i’m trying to say?? or is there really something wrong with my language? the words i used? and why do i always do things that seems to make you so unhappy? why why why???

my mind’s messed up. i looked at you, i dunno what i can or can’t do. for everything that i do, it just seems to be wrong. and what’s worse? you dare not even speak your mind? when has that start to happen? hasn’t i always been saying “got anything just tell me”, or is that too difficult to understand? do i bite? or do i kill? no.. probably i’ll just bite ya arms off and let you suffer. i’m just too scary.. ain’t i…. a monster in disguise.

i’m burn out.. almost… i really am, i can feel it. at this point. i am BURNed out. why do i always feel that i need to fend everything on my own? i have to be strong. i can’t be weak. i can’t collapse even when i’m dying. why do i always have to look bright and cheery even though my day could be so sucky and tiring. why why why???

why does a day only have 24 hours? pity ya parents… why do you have to use the word ‘pity’? goodness.. for goodness sake! do i seem like such an uncaring and heartless person to you?? can’t you just TELL me in a nicer way instead of saying “people also have parents”. you just don’t seem to understand. you just don’t seem to get it. for all the things that i’ve been trying to tell you. for anything that i said, you hold on to it and stick to that and never will that statement that i made ever ever change anymore… why why why???


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