sick of job.. at times

life’s fine. family’s fine. bf’s fine. i’m fine. but my work not fine.

today.. or to be more correct, these few weeks. i’m getting quite sian with the work. not exactly with the work i’m doing. more of… with the whole system. how my company function.

when i first went in, i’m under one person – sl. then subsequently, another guy yf asked me to do things. well, of course i’m ok. learning new things, i’m quite glad to. then after that, they asked me to go do .net, or maybe, i volunteered in a way. anyway.. i’m doing all these things, when another guy hs, start to ask me to do things also. well.. i’m ok, since its within my job scope. so i kept doing these.. till suddenly i’m being asked to go do some new things. which i find it weird but nonetheless, i’m keen on it. and then tada! as suddenly as it comes, right now, i’m not doing the .net, neither am i doing the new thing (which i dun really know what it is yet).

i dunno… sometimes just felt like i’m stuck in a shit hole.
goodness… sian manz… i think i’m having post-pms.

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