crappy updates continued…

ok! i’m back from my lunch!
went to see some accessories just now and WOW.. *blur* there’s so many until i see until @@ and in the end never bought any..

anyway.. where was i…
oh yes! the genting trip. well. i’m done with that.

next! christmas presents! this coming sunday will be CHRISTMAS!!! christmas christmas christmas!! well… i haven’t had much on. only going for the usual christmas lunch with my family. BIG family.

then before that, work was GREAT! hahahhah. guessed what?? i got another pay increment!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!
hahahahaha, happy happy ne! of course happy lah! wasn’t what i was expecting some more!

what else… koon soon got rom liao. then daniel going to be a father. sl.. not as good though..

and the best thing of all, tivela has started digging!!!!

here’s one of the picture i took this morning – 21st of december 2005.
well.. maybe NOT digging yet, but at least it started work…

hm…. wonder when will it be ready.

anyway… just had a talk with my mum last night and.. sigh… next year… i’ve got already 3 known wedding dinner. gosh.. that simply just means money fly away.. kekeke oh well… nothing i can do.

siyan tried her gown liao, haven’t really pick yet lah. not bad. not bad. hopefully next monday she can choose her final dream wedding gown. heehee

oh ya! almost forgot!! i finally saw derrick’s gf! and now i’m waiting to see if i can see cc’s bf! hahahahah =P i’m so KPO. oh well.. what to do… need some entertainment after all this piles and piles of work.

ok lah.. i’m back to rotting first before another pile of work comes in. jya!

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