energetic day!

i had breakfast this morning and i simply feel soooo GRREEEEAAAT!!!
forgotten how good a breakfast can make one feel

anyway, yesterday drew on the wall again. ya.. i’m vandalising.. wahhahaha
no lah.. i’m jsut trying to decorate the corridor thats all!
drew the 12 animals for the chinese zodiac. really cute ya know! haven’t outline yet though.

then took half day and went to register for jap course yesterday. wah… didn’t know its that HOT! so many time slots are gone! in the end, i had to go for one.. which.. somewhat ain’t my choice. but its the best among the leftovers. kekeke… welll.. as long as i can get to my goal.. suffer a bit (stupid time slot) also not too bad right?

anyway… managed to finish one part of the work assigned to me and am now working on another section. *phew* so tedious sia… but the momentum slowly coming back liao. kekekkeke
next friday will be having this company dinner… wonder if there’s any bonus… *giggles*

next still need to arrange two vases of flowers, one for my mum and one for tao’s mum. hm…. will need to slot it in my schedule…

gosh.. there’s so many things to do!!!!
but never mind, i’ve got the energy!

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