Rainy Day(s) + stupid cabby

its 1.28pm now…
its raining again..
for the whole of yesterday, it rained. this morning, the rain finally stopped. now.. the rain is back. again. sigh…
its sooooo cold…

today, saw this ant in my company’s pantry. the ant was carrying another dead ant, and was carrying it all the way from the coffee machine, passed by the sink, and down the wall, and pass the dustbin and onto the floor near the chair. then when it reached the ground, it dropped the body (probably resting) and run around that area before picking the body up again… and dropping it… run a distance… picked the body up… dropped it… ran a distance… well… what am i trying to say? i guess insects also gets tired. wahahahhahahaha

ok.. i’m bored. =P

had a bit of red wine yesterday at ah heng’s gor gor’s wedding… so.. kekeke.. damn tired today lah but i still come to work. how can don’t come right????

anyway, just now went Queensway shopping centre to eat and bought a bracelet which i EYED for a long time liao. wahahahahhaha. well.. cannot anyhow spend money mah! then it started raining and we got onto this cab where the driver is so BLOODY irritating!!

cabby: here got office meh?
colleague: no lah, we came here to eat.
cabby: ya office there nothing to eat meh?
colleague: we felt like eating macdonald mah.
cabby: waste money ah. some more raining come out and eat.
colleague: but just now we came out, not raining mah. anyway, we take cab then you got business what.
cabby: i rather rest during raining.
colleague(s) + me: *shoot him from behind*

Qn: if you rather rest, why are you at the taxi stand waiting for clients???
cab no.: SHC 4051 R

*Phui!* condemn this driver!

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