Sweet Dear Dear

hmm… people may find that its nothing..
but yesterday i find what my dear dear do is.. soooooooooo sweeeeeeet
was having dinner at his house, and they were eating this crab bee hoon
so i was trying to eat the crab.. and was having quite a hard time
‘cos firstly, my teeth not strong enough, so i don’t bite it.
secondly, i’m trying not to dirty my fingers.. so its like… wahahhaha
“chiu kena ka” (hand like leg)
then tao just took the crab from me and dig out all the meat for me!

i mean ya lah.. other than my dad, who’s such a loving dad, i don’t specifically remember anyone doing that for me. and it just seems so ESPECIALLY sweet.

oh well… but he seems kinda sian, not sure why also
probably its just those down moments where you don’t feel like working at all..
but what to do right?

this morning, i went to close down my SAYE account.. and i’m being charged a 20$ for closing the account earlier… duh!
everything also need to charge!

there won’t be anymore holidays liao.. so.. sigh.. well..
ganbatte ne!!!

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