Happy Belated Valentines’ Day!!!

i got a bouquet from my dear yesterday!!! so sweet!!!
something which i didn’t expected!! kekekekek.
‘cos he never gave me one before.
so happy ne…

kekke.. got another bouquet from no idea who
but anyway, its nice, and i gave it to my mum. kekeke
treat it as a v-day flower for her bah! =D

and then hor! the t-shirt i bought for tao, with the “WAVE” on his t-shirt
and “I LOVE (heart shape) WAVE” on mine
he like it a lot leh!
and we are going to wear it this saturday! woho!!!!

then today i went to the site to see the contract period: August 2008
hm… is that fast or slow?
no idea.. well.. see how is it lah
and my father was so funny. he let me alight at buangkok mrt station liao
then after that, my sis sms me to say, my dad wanted to stop at the bus stop which i usually alighted.
and my sis was like “what you doing?”
its a NICE DAY!!

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