plan OR no plan??

it gets so sian sometimes… yes i know its only gonna happened a few years later, like 2 or 3 years.
and yes.. i DO know that it costs money.
BUT i don’t wish nor want to be the only one who SEEMS to be interested.
get what i mean?
i get so sian already lor, like i go look at the hotels, surf around, talked about all these.
but the next thing you will say is “we need the money”.
oh yes, i know that, and ain’t i trying to clear up all my loans now so that i can start saving together?
but A LOT of things don’t need real cash now lor!
and ya.. you may think that putting for future packages are like, in a way, waste of $$
‘cos the company could go BUST!
ya… i know that too, thats why A LOT of things, i ain’t going into details.
but wedding dinner.. *cough* for your information, you don’t just booked it like half a year before lor!
and the thing is.. you just AIN’T keen on talking about it!

i’ve had enough… man.. next time you go check out things on ya own.
i’m not going to check anymore.

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