early in the morning, i took the shuttle bus to work from harbourfront. and as i sat down and the bus moved off, i saw this lady, sitting opposite me. she looks normal, around age 40, except for the ugly beige colour bra strap thats coming out of a cut-in blouse. then something caught my eye. i saw this oval shape hole at the side of her pants where the pocket should ne. its about the size of a palm with a criss-cross rubber strap over it. and then you see the flesh oozing out….*puke* that lady wasn’t… the slim kind, and its really gross to have the flesh flow out like that. furthermore, why does she wanna wear a tight elastic pants to work with 1 hole on each side of the pants? then as she alighted the bus. guessed what? i saw that her panty was a red lacy panty… why i know? ‘cos its showing at the top of her pants… *puke again*

i called ocbc bank to check how much i still owed for my tuition fee loan.
call 1: the lady told me the outstanging principle and i hung up.
then i went to check on the loan amount i should owe on the excelsheet where i keep tracked and i realised that there’s a 500$ which they never deduct. so i called ocbc again.

call 2: i told the lady that i dropped a cheque made payable to ocbc bank of 500$ a week ago, but it wasn’t
reflected in the loan amount. and after doing some checking, we both realised that the 500$ is really not
deducted and she offered to help me check aorund. but then, she wanted the place that i dropped the cheque.
but i didn’t know ‘cos it was my dad who helped me. so she told me to call again, ‘cos she will note down
everything in the PC.
so i called my dad, and finally got him after a while, and then i called ocbc again.
call 3: i told another lady about what happened exactly. and then you know what? “oh, you can’t pay by
cheque. you can only pay through the bank account.” goodness! i already paid 3 times and 2 of it was
successful and she’s telling me i can’t pay by cheque! RIDICULOUS! ” maybe its being creditted to the bank
account tied to the loan account. “RIDICULOUS!! i made payable to OCBC Bank, not to my account! so in the
end, she asked me to check if the amount was into the account. *disgusted & pissed*
after double checking with my dad that there wasn’t any 500$ creditted into the bank account. i called them AGAIN.
call 4: another lady answered. “oh, it was reflected that it had just been deducted today.” great… a week ago, i
paid them. now then they deduct. are they charging me for that 1 week of interest??? probably thats how bank
earned money.

not MY DAY (3)
there simply are too many things to do, at the same time. rush rush rush. this not done, there not done. and what else. all gotta be done by tomorrow. luckily, got a colleague help me…. *phew*

after work, my dad waited for me at the mrt. and that car park was always so cramp. but then there’s this inconsiderated driver. he parked the car at the 2 way lanes (one direction each) without any hazard lights nor signal on. not knowing that he’s parking there, and thinking that he’s moving off, my dad went behind the car. and then after a while, realising that the driver isn’t moving, my dad started horning and flashing the lights. and the car moved in front by 1m, which doesn’t help! ‘cos the road was divided by rocks/cements protruding out from the road. and going over it will scratch the bottom of the car! and after like 5-10 min, the car still don’t want to move. and all along there’s this car behind, which in the end, then he came out and switched on his hazard light. so bobian, my dad cross over the rock and ya, the car got slight scratched. and when passing the car, that driver got s smirking look on his face and he looked like as if nothing happened.

SFN2150S – maroon coloured car

i hope ya car got scratched by someone tonight.

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