Last day of May 2006

Time passes really very fast. 5 months had gone!!!And tomorrow it WILL be JUNE! yeah! my favourite month!hahahahhaha 😛what have I been doing?working working working.its all because of the World Cup starting on 9 Junewell… thats my job, ain’t it?to improve the system and to let people betkekekeke and then we earn the money!and this […]

HEAD aches

its monday. the time is 2.35pmi’m having menses cramps. and my head work work. its always work…i’ve got so many things to do. still a long list to go…and the work just kept on coming..i just felt like going home and resthave a good rest….but today.. a colleague’s grandpa passed away…should i go to […]

the process of shitting

i never knew shitting was sooooo difficult…3.22pm:went toilet and try to shit3.30pm:6cm and 2cm shit came out3.40pm:2cm shit came out3.50pm:i came out ‘cos nothing else comes out…3.54pm:i received news to change something.. again..damn…should have continued to shit…oh boy.. today i’m so in no mood to know what.. constipation causes depressionyou know how prune juice […]

stupid job

i really hated my job sometimes. especially when you finished one part nicely and everything is working fine. and then after a month later. someone told you there’s some error when you changed NOTHING but someone changed it for you…but what can you do? NOTHING. because its just that they never check through properly enough.sigh…damn.. […]


thursday:i don’t feel really that good, but anyway, i felt better after my dear dear meeting me for dinner. we went to eat carl’s jr. great. then after that i sent my dear dear home. =)friday:woke up and met my dear dear for breakfast at thomson prata shop. ate 2 plain pratas. suck. doesn’t taste […]


*Background Song: George Benson & Roberta Flack – You Are The Love Of My Life*isn’t boyfriend of hubby suppose to be there for you whenever you are low?…why couldn’t i feel that… i can rely on him for that?…not that i don’t want to..not that i never tried..but either i’m expecting too much…or i’m not […]