*Background Song: George Benson & Roberta Flack – You Are The Love Of My Life*

isn’t boyfriend of hubby suppose to be there for you whenever you are low?…
why couldn’t i feel that… i can rely on him for that?…
not that i don’t want to..
not that i never tried..
but either i’m expecting too much…
or i’m not given anything back..

i felt so lonely sometimes. especially at times when i’m sad.. its like, i don’t have anyone to talk to.
i talk to him, but.. somehow the response is always like.. zero…
i know he’s busy, i know he’s tired after work… i know he tried, at least i think so..

he doesn’t know how to cheer me up..
he doesn’t know how to comfort me…
he doesn’t know how to handle me..
or maybe in short.. he doesn’t really know how to handle sad people..

but he can’t expect me to be happy always, and always the one to support him mentally and emotionally..
i’m just human.. i have feelings too..
who am i going to seek if i need help in that?
i don’t wish to look for other people whenever i’m sad…

but other than all these… i still love him, a lot…
i just hope some miracles can happen… =(

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