Last day of May 2006

Time passes really very fast. 5 months had gone!!!
And tomorrow it WILL be JUNE! yeah! my favourite month!
hahahahhaha 😛

what have I been doing?
working working working.
its all because of the World Cup starting on 9 June
well… thats my job, ain’t it?
to improve the system and to let people bet
kekekeke and then we earn the money!
and this is a time to earn!!!

last friday, siyan just got married. it was fun lah
kekeke, being a ‘sister’
never been to one before. heehee
the dinner wasn’t too bad
at Grand Plaza Parkroyal (haha, i finally remembered the hotels name correctly)
well, now she’s happily married liao ne!

and then jeff going to hold his wedding next june, 27, at holiday inn
hm… everyone getting married o…
jerome’s one should be at sheraton
as for when, he don’t want to tell me =.=”

work work work…
hopefully can take a slight rest after june

oh ya! i putting my braces soon
on the 9 june
kinda scare yet excited at the same time
never mind, i got my dear dear right?
heehee. he’s nice lah. sometimes :p
at least every morning when i wakes up
i’ll feel very happy when i thought of him. heheee
then he’ll gimme a morning call!

my dad just got his new car yesterday
he looks really happy ne… kekekek
2nd time in his life that he bought a new car…
well.. he worked hard for this family lah.
and so did my mum.
i felt very fortunate to have a family like that.
though sometimes i’m like “bochup” of everything
but then again… i do care for them ne…
just that i don’t really know how at times. kekekek
anyway, mum’s birthday coming soon!
probably will go eat before i put my braces =D

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