Today is my Chinese Birthday

feeling really good today. at least in the morning.
today is me and my mum’s chinese birthday!
coincidental right? mum and daughter’s chinese birthday on the same day.
today we going to eat “yu tou lu” at kovan

everything seems ok now. then just now sally asked me if i wanna take up support for the system
and i’m like… hm… how?
i know its shitty lah. supporting work is never good.
but i’d never tried before. i asked my bf, he suggested not to take it up.
i asked my sis, she said no harm trying.
me? i felt like trying but yet dun dare ‘cos i know its shitty.
but then again… if i don’t try.. i felt like i’m kinda stuck in what i’m doing
but thats a shit hole… and i know it…
hm.. how? 24 hours… will/might disrupt my plans?

and i haven’t finish my cross stitch yet.
my jap too… sigh
haven’t finish studying
how how how??

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