Good omen? Bad omen?

today, i feel soooooooooo hyper.
not sure exactly why, but i’m quite sure its due to the so-many-things-happened-recently thing

(1) my work is busy busy busy. rushing here and there and everywhere. i don’t meant literally running around. but guessed everyday i used up my brain cells trying to think of the solution. its fun in a way. but of course brain draining in another. reached home, i won’t have much energy to do any other things other than stoning. and of course, there’s always the possibility of OT-ing, which i’m reducing it to as low as possible. not that i hate to OT. i mean, i don’t really hate it. but sometimes i just felt like going home to do some of the things which i already planned to.

(2) i can’t finish the cross stitch on time, for my birthday. at least, by right, i should had finished by now and sent for framing. BUT its not done yet. still left the backstitch, which i DO hope i can finish by next week. that is, if everything goes well. oh, of course its not for me, its for my bf. hahahah. ya, it’ll be cute ne. mushy of course! woho~

(3) i’m going to do my braces soon! pulling out 2 teeth from the top tomorrow. mixed feelings. scared and excited at the same time. hm… well.. i guess i just have to bear with the pain.. whatever pain there will be. kekeke. and hopefully… it won’t be THAT bad. *pray hard*

(4) bf’s grandma went into the hospital. went to visit her yesterday. Boy… my hokkien suck. i understood nothing of what she’s saying except “si” and “siao”. hm… but i know she’s damn pissed. well… who wouldn’t, especially if i’m really still very the sane, and my sons all treated me in that way.. (stand there, and ignore her). ya.. no wonder my bf was so pissed but then again. what can he do? and he’s mum… ekekeke.. thats really her i guess… to amplify a small thing to such a big thing. scare me when my bf called me. thought what serious thing happened. and you know, believe in one thing. it runs in the blood. i’d seen it in my bf’s uncles etc… all sama pattern one.

and lastly, i do hope i’m really going to rom this year ne…
at least thats what he said lah..
but then again.. he always don’t seem so enthu one mah…
sigh.. sadly though…
but like that lah.. what to do…
well.. its a good day today =)

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