Day One

its the first day after i lost two of my teeth. terrible night. its not painful really… though when the dentist was about to poke in that needles… there’s a slight pain.. but nah.. its not that. its the THOUGHT of the needles poking in that makes you scare. i closed my eyes of course. took 5 needles. by right 4… but apparently, the left side… it isn’t enough, so the dentist gave me another jab.

numb.. after that. even the nose felt numb… i meant it. and then the dentist just pulled and pulled. at one point, i wonder if my skull would crack. he really pulled hard. i even heard a “crack” sound. thought my teeth broke in half and left the root in the gums. that would be really terrible. kekeke… of course, luckily, it never happened.

wisdom teeth. i have 4. and the dentist told me sooner or later it’ll have to go. bottom ones gotta go for operation. else it will dunno what brings cavity and the tooth infront will be disastrous. well.. operation… *freak out*

anyway, whole night of… not exactly sleepless night. i slept at 1am. thats when the blood lessen. change the cotton and tried to swallow. of course by now, there isn’t a lot of ‘bloody taste’ in the saliva. managed to sleep with my mouth open (not sure if anything got in though). but… it wasn’t a good sleep.

i’m back at work now. shitted 3 times today. big and small. forgot to bring glasses and gotta u-turn back to take. rainy day today. oh yah… gotta go back and clean my teeth tonight. tomorrow putting the braces.

dear’s colleague quitting today. hm… in a way, bad for him lah since she’s always there to teach him. but well… see how things goes bah. i’m there for him.

ok.. sally here liao. back to work!

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