Day Three – emBRACE it

alright. its morning. i just woke up and finish brushing my teeth.
tedious process….
i’ve got lots of questions in my head. especially yesterday when i put on my braces.
and of course, the “do-you-know”

(1) braces isn’t as scary as some of the people had described. yes the thought of it seems scary, but not the actual thing.
(2) the pulling oooout of the teeth seems more painful. but after all, its a totally different kind of pain. for braces, its more of the sore-sore-tight-tight pain + the pain from the ulcers in your mouth.
(3) you get to choose the colour of the rubber thingy on the braces. i chose baby blue. its quite sweet you know.
(4) i have no idea how they put the square little braces on, but apparently, they stick it. using glue? not sure. but it sticks, and it taste bitter, and i had to let it dry for half an hour on my teeth (without rinsing or drinking water)
(5) putting on the braces is a fast process (excluding the waiting), especially when your orthodontist is experienced. well, at least i know mine is…
(6) the pain doesn’t come in till later…. and… ooooooouuuuuuccccccccchhhhh…………….

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